The most important factor when determining whether your concrete is a good candidate for staining is the condition of the concrete surface.  

Both types of stain (Acid or Dye Stains) can be applied to virtually any concrete surface.  In order for the concrete stain to effectively color the concrete, the surface must be porous. But if there are barriers on the surface of the concrete like clay, caulk, grime, glues, coatings, curing membranes, or sealers, the stain won't be able to penetrate and effectively stain the concrete material.  

Sprinkling water on the concrete surface a simple test you can perform to determine its porosity.  If the water beads up and stays on the surface, it is likely that a concrete stain will not be able to penetrate and stain the concrete.  If the water soaks in to the concrete then it is reasonably certain that concrete stain will also be able to penetrate the surface and successfully color the concrete material.

On new concrete, stain manufacturers recommend letting the concrete cure for at least 40 days before applying a stain and to avoid the use of curing compounds. On existing concrete less than 5 years old, it's important to keep in mind that stains are intended to enhance rather than disguise the surface. They will not mask cracks, blemishes, discoloration, or other flaws. In some cases, that can be an advantage and work well with the design.  For example, if you're looking for an aged, distressed, or rustic look, stains can accentuate minor blemishes and cracks and add greater distinction.

An existing concrete slab with major cracks or spalling is usually not a good candidate for staining because any necessary repairs to the concrete surface are likely to show through the stain.  

This is especially true when remodeling a room that has had carpet removed.  The tack strips along the perimeter of the room invariably leave divots in the concrete when removed.  Those divots need to be filled and sanded to achieve a smooth surface.  The process of repairing divots in the concrete leaves a patch mark that is nearly impossible to mask.  

    The best solution in this situation or if the concrete is more than 5 years old is to cover the concrete with a thin polymer modified concrete overlay.  The overlay covers any imperfections and patch marks in the concrete creating a fresh new surface to work on.


    Special decorative concrete color effects are achieved by using the same acid stain for two or more applications on the existing concrete floor surface. Shaded colors can be produced by blending two or more different acid stains. Sequenced colors can be produced by using a different acid stain for each application.

At All Decorative Concrete, LLC we combine chemical staining and scoring techniques with concrete stampings, concrete overlays, concrete stenciling and concrete sandblasting techniques to create one of a kind concrete floor.  

    Acid stains allows you to transform dull concrete flooring into a multi-colored modern look anywhere in your home - basement, garage, interior concrete slab, patio, sidewalk, pool deck, driveway.

Chemical staining penetrates existing concrete floor surfaces and reacts chemically to create, uneven, variegated, or translucent color effects that simulate the prized look of weathered stone or the aged appearance of a timeworn patina.

The result is unique to each application and can not be duplicated with other coloring materials. Unlike conventional paints or coatings that flake and peel, chemical staining slightly etches the concrete to achieve deeper and more permanent color penetration on any concrete floor application.

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